22B infrared ceramic heater


    Power: 2200W

    Rated Current:9.6A


    Control mode:Remote+wifi

    Dimension: 1160×180×77mm

    Shipping:Support Sea freight · Land freight · Air freight

    Date of delivery:15-35 days

    Guarantee:1 Year for machinery warranty

    Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight.

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1. LCD screen remote controller and WiFi Tuya app support, LED display temperature and working status

2. No noise, no wind, no smell, not dry, it is very comfortable to use

3. With a function of physical therapy & health care, promoting metabolism, regulating and balancing the nervous system

4. Space heating, easy to focus heat on a certain spot within radiant range, even if in a poor situation

5. Covered by NANO painting, increase the serve life to 50 thousands hours

6. Even heat, fast heating, good heat conductance and low carbon

7. Far infra ray acts on human body directly, makes people free like sunshine warm

8. Use glass-ceramic heating panel, heat more quickly and evenly, up to 950℃ heat-resistance

A specific type of heater for hotels, the JHNR22B JHHeatsup heater that uses far-infrared glass radiation panels.The recommendation for using far-infrared glass radiation panels in heaters like JHHeatsup is based on several factors:
Efficiency: Far-infrared radiation is known for its ability to directly heat objects and surfaces without significantly heating the air. This can be more energy-efficient and comfortable compared to traditional heaters that primarily warm the air.
Comfort: Far-infrared radiation is often associated with a more comfortable and natural feeling of warmth. It can penetrate the skin and provide a sensation similar to being warmed by the sun.
Safety: Far-infrared radiation is generally considered safe, and the use of glass panels may contribute to safety by preventing direct contact with heating elements.
Design and Aesthetics: Glass panels can be visually appealing and may fit well with the design and aesthetics of a hotel room or common area.
Even Heat Distribution: Far-infrared radiation panels can provide even heat distribution, helping to eliminate cold spots in a room.
It's important to note that the choice of heating system depends on various factors, including the specific requirements of the space, energy efficiency goals, safety considerations, and budget constraints. Before making a decision, it's advisable to consult with heating system professionals or engineers who can provide a tailored recommendation based on the specific needs 

We are one of the earliest manufacturers of evaporative air conditioners and far-infrared heaters in China. We have strong R & D and production capacity (we can customize the required models according to customer needs), and we can also produce products according to customer needs.

JHCOOL products have passed many authoritative certifications and testing, including CE, CB, SAA, CCC, ISO9001, etc. Air cooler is a rich and full range, hundreds of models include small household portable machines to huge airflow industry machines. Our strict sourcing ensures the best quality and best price to service consumers. In addition, we also provide professional design services, so we can create the best solutions for users in different places."Your satisfaction, Our ultimate objective”.

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