13A Far Infrared Heater


    Power: 1800W


    Coverage: 13-18m2

    Rated current: 7.8A

    Dimension: 1000×189×67mm

    Shipping:Support Sea freight · Land freight · Air freight

    Date of delivery:15-35 days

    Guarantee:1 Year for machinery warranty

    Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight.

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1)Far infra ray acts on human body directly, makes people feel like sunshine warm
2)Make indoor air clean& sterile due to far infra ray’s disinfection antiseptic effect
3)Good physical therapy health cares for human body
4)High Electricity-heat efficiency, the electric energy transformed 99% to heat;
5)Reasonable structure, easy to install,Fashion design, perfect combination with building decoration.
6)Use aluminum alloy heating panel, heat more quickly and evenly
7)Covered by NANO painting, increase the serve life to 50 thousands hours.
8)Safe and reliable,current leakage is less than 0.029ma ( the national standard is less than 0.5ma)
9)Adjustable thermostat, Power on/off freely, more energy-saying

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