Condensing Air Conditioner


    Power: 5kW

    Airflow: 6000m3/h

    Coverage: 150-250m2

    Air Discharge: Down

    Dimension: 776×615×1780mm

    Shipping:Support Sea freight · Land freight · Air freight

    Date of delivery:15-35 days

    Guarantee:1 Year for machinery warranty

    Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight.

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1) Because it takes away heat by evaporation of water,It is 3-4 degrees lower than the condensation temperature produced by normal  water-cooled units
2)After the discharged high-temperature water is evaporated directly, the air temperature will drop,No discharge of high temperature air ,More environmental friendly.
3) Multi-stage dust filter device, suitable for various environments
4) Water has better thermal conductivity than air,Therefore, the working efficiency of the compressor is greatly improved,More  energy and power saving
5)It uses the cooling water of evaporative chiller to cool the condenser of air conditioner
6)The output air volume of evaporative air conditioner is twice of traditional air conditioner

Expandable Functions:

1)The cooling water of the evaporative chiller is used to cool the condenser of the air conditioner

2)Adopt well-known brand Panasonic or Copeland compressor design, the internal machine adopts fluorine system internal machine;

(High efficiency, low noise, durable and stable operation)

3)Multi-stage dust removal and filtering device, suitable for various environments

4)Unique control technology and multiple protections make the system run more stably

5)Compact structure and convenient installation

6)Modular design, realizing one machine with multiple drags and multiple machines combined

7)It is especially suitable for large, medium and small projects, which better match the actual needs of users

Product Parameters:

We are one of the earliest manufacturers of evaporative air conditioners and far-infrared heaters in China. We have strong R & D and production capacity (we can customize the required models according to customer needs), and we can also produce products according to customer needs.

JHCOOL products have passed many authoritative certifications and testing, including CE, CB, SAA, CCC, ISO9001, etc. Air cooler is a rich and full range, hundreds of models include small household portable machines to huge airflow industry machines. Our strict sourcing ensures the best quality and best price to service consumers. In addition, we also provide professional design services, so we can create the best solutions for users in different places."Your satisfaction, Our ultimate objective”.

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