Energy saving, save the earth, and environmental protection air conditioning

Rich emotions and words,
Let human beings claim to be higher creatures based in nature,
Once, we were indeed proud of it.
But for thousands of years, human beings have occupied and consumed resources,
But let the nature that can't speak, understand the sound,
The whole body was bruised and bruised.
Environmental protection is a topic we often mention,
In recent years,
Products related to environmental protection themes have also received more and more attention.
Just search for the keyword # air conditioning # in a certain degree,
There will be countless marketing numbers in popular science:
How to use the air conditioner to be environmentally friendly?

With the rapid development of global industry, the massive emission of industrial waste gas has destroyed the organizational structure of the atmosphere and accelerated the greenhouse effect of the earth. At this time, a new cooling product has also emerged-Jinghui evaporative air conditioner, which Not only can it meet the demand for cooling, but it is also a good helper for energy saving and environmental protection.
So, what is the principle of evaporative cooling?

Using water as the medium, let the water fully drench the "damp curtain" (a corrugated fiber laminate with high evaporation efficiency and high corrosion resistance that is made of poplar and bonded through multiple processes), and when the dry and hot air Through the wet curtain, water absorbs a lot of heat in the air, and the flow out is moist, cool air, which is direct evaporation.

Therefore, this sense of wind and the air-conditioning wind we come into contact with are two concepts. As we all know, the traditional central air-conditioning area is a closed space, which makes the air in the originally dried room drier, and the Jinghui evaporative air conditioner is more suitable for indoor, outdoor, open and semi-open, etc. With multiple environments, it can directly convey natural wind and cool breeze after cooling, and at the same time, it can also discharge indoor air with peculiar smell, dust and turbid and hot air out of the room, which can be described as a cooling artifact that kills two birds with one stone.

Jinghui is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and production of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. It has a wide range of products. We have more than 30 models of industrial air conditioners alone, which can meet the cooling needs of most customers, and can also provide personalized customized products.


There are invisible tears in the ocean,
The land also has an unbearable lightness,
The trees have gone through the vicissitudes of life,
The water will also have the sorrow of not running away
Splendid as a flower, but also sadly not so beautiful.
Nature does not need humans,
Human beings are the most inseparable from nature.
Environmental protection is more than just shouting slogans.
Choose Jinghui evaporative air conditioner,
Cooling and ventilation, energy saving and environmental protection,
A green city dispels the heat and cools for a summer.