Outdoor fixed-point cooling favors: Mobile air cooler

Over the past few days, the temperature has continued to rise, especially the hot ground temperature in the afternoon, which has brought harsh "baking" tests to outdoor workers. Working under the high temperature in summer has an impact on many physiological functions of the human body. Outdoor workers, due to the particularity of their working environment, instability of working hours, and huge labor intensity, make them the primary victims of summer heat stroke ". At high temperatures, the body's water will be lost with sweat, causing the body to lack water, and increase body temperature , which can easily cause heat stroke. But many jobs have to be carried out outdoors, such as road repairers, construction workers, etc. There are also many people who have to work in enclosed room, such as decoration workers, steel casting workers, auto mechanics, etc. In summer, outdoor cooling has become a necessary work environment equipment

How much do you know about outdoor cooling equipment?

There are many refrigeration equipment, choose different equipment according to different needs. Like air conditioners, we use daily refrigeration equipment to cool the space. For outdoor  regional cooling requirements, mobile air cooler is good choice, which are mainly used for industrial cooling, mobile fixed-point cooling, and wherever it is needed.

Mobile air cooler are suitable for all kinds of large-space places, and can be used for factory cooling, office cooling, computer room cooling, restaurant cooling, farms, open restaurants, etc. You can put it anywhere

What is it advantages

1. It can be operated at high temperature and be operated in an environment of 18-45℃, with a wide applicable temperature range.

2. Equipped with wheels, it can be moved to different place, which is more convenient and practical. With brake, with steady operation.

3. No need to install, just power on.

4. it provides irreplaceable convenience for places where can’t install the outdoor unit air conditioner, air cooler is convenient as a fan, plug and play.

5. The regional cooling efficiency is much better and faster than electric fans.

6. with Dust filter, it rejects dust impurities and foreign objects come inside and makes the air fresher.

7.Large capacity water storage tank, just need to add water 1-2 times a day. In addition, with water level indicator and water shortage alarm are useful and humanized.

8. Low power physical cooling, energy saving and high efficiency.

The mobile air cooler has a good cooling effect at a fixed point. In addition, the central air conditioner can’t be turned on during the epidemic but the mobile air cooler is a good choice. At present, the country has reopened street vendor economy, in summer, people set up a stall outside and increase incoming,using mobile air cooler is good choice as well.