Saving factories from heatwave

With the coming of high-temperature season,

people working on the factory facing sweating and sauna steam the whole day!

The workshop is crowded, stuffy, smelly, non-ventilated, and equipment heats up.

The bosses are also worried about how to cooling workshops during this period.

Staff efficiency declines in high-temperature environments, affecting mood and attention,

what's more, it increasing safety risks

Some companies even change to night shifts,

in order to prevent employees from heatstroke in the high-temperature environment.

Therefore, many factories have to install traditional ceiling, central, and cabinet air conditioners.

But expensive electric fees for cooling cause huge financial pressure to entrepreneurs.

On the one hand, the operating cost of traditional air conditioning equipment is high,On the other hand, heat insulation and ventilation facilities cannot solve The cooling system for large-scale producing steel structures and steel surface workshops not only has large power consumption but also safety risks.

Is there a better solution?

With the improvement of technology and awareness, the cooling scheme of environment protection air cooler (industrial air cooler) has been approved by most industrial companies.

What's the principle of it?

The working principle of environment protection air cooler is the flow of objects. Water through honeycomb shape cooling pad, which increases its surface to speed up evaporation process. The heat has been taking away (like sea wind) by process of wind passing cooling pad and water, which form cooling and comfortable wind.

Function: carrier of evaporation and cooling + filter dust and impurities.Tianlai series air coolers equip cooling pad, area of evaporation is 100 times to cooling pad. The service life has a great relationship with water quality, harder water quality, shorter service life. Generally,it can be used for 3-5 years with reasonable maintenance. The cooling effect is proportional to water consumption per unit.

Positive pressure ventilation and cooling: air after machine's cooling and evaporation been sent into room, change air forcibly by positive pressure,Need to open windows to get cooling effect

Compared between air cooler and air condition

An example illustrates

Advantages of air cooler

(1) low investment operation cost, saving 70% operating electricity

(2) obvious cooling effect, 8-15 degrees cooling effect depend on region

(3) open window for cooling, enjoy natural air, filter 80% dust, make indoor air quality better

(4) remarkable fixed-point cooling and energy-saving effect

(5) support humidity adjust, to 55%-85%;

(6) no freon, safety, reliable, environmentally friendly.

Arenas of application

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