JHCOOL Take you to The Cloud Canton Fair

Welcome to the live broadcast Hall of JHCOOL cloud Canton Fair.https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/en/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-0682-08d7ed7a947b/live

Under the impact of the global epidemic, the 127th China Import and Export Fair ("Canton Fair") will be held online from June 15-24. "Cloud"Canton Fair gave Jinghui Technology Company the opportunity to connect with global buyers. Our live broadcast room was opened in the factory exhibition hall and workshop. International trade salesman became foreign chief announcer . Everyone competed for jobs, hoping to seize the new and more business opportunities or possibilities.

In order to make the better customer's online experience, we use the photo display and product description of the online store, create a VR exhibition hall and live broadcast. We are intensively simulating the live broadcast of the practice, and will repeat the practice again after practice, to see what needs to be improved.

In order to prepare for the "cloud" end of the Canton Fair, we have been working hard for more than a month, and the company has also put forward very high requirements: how to do live broadcast marketing to buyers? How to create an immersive "cloud exhibition hall" online? How to realize online "zero distance" service? From purchasing video equipment, setting up a live broadcast room, and equipping with a broadband network, and training original business personnel to be familiar with the live broadcast process, all these are challenges for us to transform and upgrade.