Jinghui takes you on a ‘cloud holiday’ | Breezing on the seashore, waiting for wind and you.

The summer solstice is over, and the summer is approaching.

The increasing heat, Seems to remind us,

The overthrow of the "Spring Regime" in summer is definitely not a thing of a day.

Life belongs to the city, sea belongs to summer,

If not going to a beach in summer, life seems to lack a flavor.

Put aside all the trivial matters, go to the beach and lead a life willful,

It has both ancient romance and new expectations.

A Beach by the sea is the check-in place on most people’s vacation list.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, tourist attractions that were once all the rage have become sparsely populated.

Berlin photographer Markus Henttonen used the techniques of "high-angle shooting" and aerial photography to record the beautiful moments of people lazily enjoying the sun and sand by the sea, and embracing intimately with the waves.

At a moment like this, we cannot help thinking the words: although body is not moved, the heart is far away.

This time, let's talk about "Those things on holiday by the sea".

The sea is calm, on the clean beach, the closer you go to the sea, the finer you feel,

Looking around in a world where the sea and the sky are the same color, I understand the comfort of playing with the water.

Coming to a beach, treading the waves is one of the things you have to do,

Sitting and basking in the sun, reading a book, watching the sea and the sky,

Some friends like to have a good drink. Some enjoy to organize a BBQ.

Atmosphere is especially important when gathering together . At this moment, we must not be defeated by the hot summer.

Rather than waiting for the wind to come, it is better to chase the wind,

If you want a cool wind, Jinghui makes a move!

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Outdoor cooling has always been a big problem, and it is even more troublesome for some businesses that profit from beach entertainment. Nowadays, customers enjoy supremacy, and they will score meals, environment and comfort. Therefore, the Jinghui mobile evaporative air conditioner came into being, using the natural phenomenon of "evaporative cooling", combining high technology with artificial evaporative cooling technology , to develop a new generation of scientific and technological innovation products.

After filtering and cooling, the outdoor air has become fresh and cool, and then is transported indoors, and the original internal air is discharged outdoors. After that, the temperature is lowered, and the user feels comfortable by changing the humidity and oxygen content in arid climates. Under the premise of ensuring the cooling effect, it provides more refreshing indoor air.

For outdoor local cooling needs, you can use Jinghui mobile evaporative air coolers to meet the cooling needs of non-enclosed spaces, and provide irreplaceable convenience for places where outdoor units cannot be installed, regardless of the location of the outdoor unit, just as convenient as a fan, plug and play, suitable for factory cooling, office cooling, computer room cooling, restaurant cooling, farms, open restaurants, etc. And without installation, it is equipped with a universal wheel design, which is convenient to move and has its own brake, which is more flexible and durable.

Living in a city, Jinghui can still bring the "sea breeze" to you, rejoice in the cool wind, place tired body and soul, Life is as inconstant as the sea, ups and downs, walking through the misty rain of lakes and creeks, crossing the mountains and rivers of the years, and finally found that it is nothing more than that.