Letting science and technology coexist with nature while pursuing the environmentally friendly future

We are witnessing the development of global warming, but we choose to live in peace. When we are facing the environmental crisis we still pretend to solve the problem in a better way. We take it as granted even the resources is running out of the earth.

Protecting our planet---the earth is certainly not a specific action that needs to be done on special day---the Earth Day but every day

With the rapid development of global industry, industrial emissions had destroyed ozone layer and accelerates the greenhouse effect of the earth. In this case, a new-designed cooling product for environmental protection as air conditioning (evaporation air cooler) has emerged, which can not only meet the demand of cooling but also save energy saving and protect the environment at the same time. When we realize renewable resources on the earth are valuable, the best gift to the environment protection,that is,energy saving.

Fujian Jinghui Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd, a high technology enterprise, is engaging in developing and manufacturing energy-conserving and environment-protective products. We have 15 years of experience in applying IGBI frequency conversion module to evaporative air conditioner in condition of the high temperature and humidity environment, so that the air conditioner can run in a more energy - saving way

In terms of power consumption, the power consumption of the evaporative air cooler is only 10% of the traditional air conditioning, which getting the same cooling effect as the traditional air does. Moreover, the evaporative air cooler purifies PM2.5,bacteria, viruses in the air by adopting the triple filtration protection under the new air operation mode.

▲Jinghui evaporative air conditioner installation case diagram

Evaporative air cooler are suitable for indoor room , outdoor space and semi - open area, such as crowded waiting halls, factories or restaurants, outdoor tea bars,etc. The biggest advantage of evaporative air cooler is power saving and save money when paying electric bill. That traditional air conditioning needs to close door and Windows for cooling leads to no circulation of air, which is a bad User Experience to us. Compared to traditional air cooler, it is a wise choice to use Evaporative air cooler in summer for letting the foul air out of room without keeping doors and Windows closed.

▲Jinghui evaporative air conditioner installation case diagram

With the overall improvement of the national living standards, we intensely enlighten the awareness of keep health and precisely make a higher request on living condition and working environment for embracing a healthy and comfortable living surroundings.

Protect the environment, maintain your health, as well as a focus of the world

To participate in protecting the earth, JHCOOL offers energy saving and environment friendly products.

Focus on environment protection for the future, cooperate science and technology with nature