Romantic outdoor weddings in summer should not be entangled by heat waves

Today's newcomers are basically " post-90s " , They pay more attention to the embodiment of personalized . Especially due to the impact on the epidemic , most couples will choose to have a small and beautiful wedding . With the fresh outdoor space and transparent natural environment , the form of outdoor wedding has become the first choice of most people .

Too many beautiful things happen to summer , and the craze for weddings is from late summer to early autumn . To hold an outdoor wedding in hot weather , in addition to the courage that is different from ordinary people , you should also take appropriate cool measures , Otherwise , you'll see a bride with unbeautiful makeup , a runaway groom and guests soaked in sweat .

JH168 mobile air conditioner for outdoor use JH168 mobile air conditioner for outdoor use

▲ Jinghui mobile evaporative air conditioner wedding site case

JHCOOL is based on the water evaporation environmental protection air-conditioning industry . After 15 years of updating and iteration , a variety of products have emerged as the times require , and have written an excellent model in the field of " environmental air-conditioning " . We start with temperature , humidity , demeanor , etc , create a new cool technology , create a new era of summer cool , and fully meet the various needs of indoor and outdoor scenes .

▲ Jinghui mobile evaporative air conditioner wedding site case

Outdoor wedding . the JHCOOL mobile evaporative air conditioner came into being , using the natural phenomenon of " evaporative cool " , combining high technology with artificial evaporative cool technology , and developing a new generation of technological innovation products .

JH168 air cooler

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It meets the cool needs of non-enclosed spaces and provides irreplaceable convenience for places where outdoor units cannot be installed . It is as convenient as a fan , suitable for factory cool , office cool , computer room cool , restaurant cool , farms , open restaurants , etc .

The internal and external machines are integrated as a whole , no need for professional drilling installation , indoor and outdoor , cool and easy to go , with brakes , more flexible and durable .

There is no scorching high temperature , accompanied by the cool breeze of JHCOOL .

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