The epidemic fights back, breathing health is something we must know

The epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou has been escalated abruptly.

Large-scale suspension of classes and traffic restrictions in six medium-risk blocks.

Dozens of other sub-key areas.

Friends who pay a little attention to social news,

All understand more or less the horror of "epidemic counterattack",

At that time, everyone is on guard.

While raising the hot topic for the vaccination of the new crown vaccine.

When met, hello "Have you eaten ?" changed to "Have you vaccinated?"

The vaccination scene becomes a concert in seconds.

Even more funny thing is people line up with the slipper

What a smart idea.

It not only avoids heatstroke but also prevents gathering.

That also shows high awareness of prevention

An epidemic has made respiratory health became a hot topic.

With the epidemic has spread all over the world,

Many countries have been plunged into dire straits.

Where is healthy air? How to breathe free?

Jinghui gives you the answer!

As a well-known high-tech enterprise of evaporative air cooler,

Jinghui deeply feels that it is far from enough to solve the ambient air temperature and humidity.

While cooling and saving energy,

The product adopts triple filter protection,

Purify PM2.5, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the air.

With quickly cooling capability,

Effectively filter 80% of the dust in the air,

In addition, the operation mode of the new wind with ultraviolet sterilization,

Undoubtedly, it is the best choice for you.

JH Evaporative coolers use "evaporative cooling" of this natural phenomenon, combining high technology and artificial evaporative cooling technology to develop a new generation of scientific and technological innovation. Generated a negative pressure air into the room by the fan, the outdoor air flows through the soaking wet Lianhou, full contact of air and water while absorbing heat in the air, to achieve the purpose of cooling, ventilation, dust, increasing the fresh air. Especially suitable for high temperatures and crowded occasions.

JH801 Air cooler

JH801 Air cooler

With the advantage of intelligent control,

Adapt to seasonal variation,

The air volume could be adjusted to a comfortable state with frequency conversion speed regulation,

It also an air conditioner for cooling in hot summer.

To create a comfortable breathing environment for you.

In the hot summer, the epidemic counterattacked,

While solving healthy air, it can also cool down and ventilate,

JH is not just about fitting only.