Quality Life-JH accompanies you in a comfortable winter

With the development of economy and the improvement of industry, people are tend to improve the quality of their lives except for the satisfaction of clothing, food, housing and transportation.Therefore,people are willing to go out for different kinds of outdoor activities than just staying at home in a cold winter. It’s no longer a big problem for people to get warmed in outdoor by using far infrared heaters in winter now,due to the development of science and technology which meets people’s requirements in many aspects of life.

People started outdoor heating a long time ago, but it is only limited to braziers, coal and other fire-style heating.Not only the heating range is limited, but the heating safety factor does not take into account. After entering the age of electricity, the methods for outdoor heating have also become diversified. There are both electronic fire-burning heating such as "little sun", and convection heating together with air conditioning. The convection air conditioner consumes a vast amount of electricity for heating in outdoors that bothers people, due to factors such as outdoor space and airflow. There is also a natural gas heater, a convection heating method, which is not energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

In recent years, Fujian Jinghui Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd has launched far-infrared electronic heaters to professionally meet your needs! The far-infrared electronic heater emits invisible light waves in the form of radiation to let the heating function work. This way of getting heat is much more similar to of the sun. Compared with the general heating methods, JHheatsup has the advantages of no light, no drying, no wind, no noise, no radiation, easy installation, and maintenance free. The heat conversion rate of radiant heater is nearly 99.9%, which effectively utilizes heat energy, so the body will feel warm in a few minutes after the radiant heater turns on, also the heater will reach required temperature in about half an hour.

far-infrared electronic heaters

Especially in the semi-open place like a restaurant where is equipped with infrared heaters, in this case, people can enjoy a pleasant meal in winter with your family whether in outside or inside space, while enjoying the beautiful scenery in winter and the food as well. The quality life will never stop once the family installs a far infrared heater of JHheatsup.

far-infrared electronic heaters

By using far infrared heater in the spacious living room, each person can experience a nice and cozy atmosphere whenever chatting with folks or hosting a party to gather precious friends. For people who prefer to enjoy winter time in outdoor space like cafes or semi-open restaurants, the far infrared heaters place a important role in daily life just like a portable fireplace to keep bodies warmed. As for the shopkeepers,high indoor temperature in winter appeals to customers in some degree.


There is a idea that living in a hotel when travels is rather a positive attitude of life than a place to rest by watching sunrise and sunset and feeling gentle sea breeze on cheeks. With JHheatsup’s infrared heating, the cold air will be driven out of room and company you through chill winter no matter where you are.


As a fact that progress in science and technology has promoted people’ daily life greatly,which conforms to human expectation that always served mankind and lead a well-being life at the same time. Let JHheatsup be the special steady partner for your winter.

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