The secret, a magic weapon for hot yoga!

Yoga is a method of physical and mental exercise widely spread around the world. When practicing yoga, a quiet environment and a suitable temperature are needed. Therefore, in many yoga studios, yoga clubs, etc., heating equipment without noise is generally installed in the yoga room. Whether people doing hot yoga or keeping warm in the cold winter, it is inseparable from the JHheatsup far-infrared high-temperature radiant heater.

far-infrared radiant heater

The application of a far-infrared radiant heater in yoga rooms is already very common. Compared with traditional heating methods, far-infrared radiant heater have the following advantages.

1.Quick heating. 
Traditional heaters are slow to heat up, such as carbon crystal heaters, which need to be turned on several hours in advance. Otherwise, the temperature will not be enough during class. The required temperature of hot yoga is 38℃-42℃, and the temperature of traditional heaters is often not high enough to meet the requirements of hot yoga. After half an hour pre-heating, the JHheatsup far-infrared heater’s surface temperature is around 300℃. The heat conduction is fast, and the indoor temperature also rises quickly. It can be turned off immediately after a lesson and turned on once again when it is used without wasting electricity.

2.100% heating performance.
 Because it doesn't blow air or emit light, the conversion rate of electric heating is 100%, and it doesn't take any extra unnecessary cost.

3.Quiet and comfortable. 
The working principle of a far-infrared heater is like the sun warms the earth. It is a highly comfortable heating device, without the feeling of hot and violent roasting. There is no wind, no light, and silent operation during heating.

4.Lower maintenance cost. 
It is suitable for all yoga studios no matter it’s renovated or not. Because our products are not designed for heating in the wall or buried in the underground cable. It only needs to be hung on the roof or wall with brackets. It’s easy to install and repair, not a big project cost.

JH-NR24-13C Heater
In addition to the above advantages, JHheatsup far-infrared heater adopts an intelligent temperature control system, which can automatically start and stop according to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. So that the indoor temperature can be accurately controlled by the user. By connecting to mobile phone WiFi, users can use their mobile phones to freely control the heaters whenever and wherever they want.


JHheatsup far-infrared heater has a stylish appearance and is suitable for various decoration styles. There are multiple powers to choose from, suitable for different sizes of yoga rooms. The classic style with Bluetooth speakers is an exclusive new item tailored for yoga rooms.