Good news | Congratulations to FUJIAN JINGHUI ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. for successfully winning the bid for YiLi DAIRY CO.,LTD. Procurement Project

Yili Group is ranked among the world’s most successful dairy companies and has been consecutively ranked No.1 in the Asian dairy industry in the past several years. It is the largest dairy company in China, offering the most comprehensive range of products.It is the only dairy enterprise that controls the three golden milk source bases in northwest, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China. It has the largest high-quality milk source base in China and numerous high-quality ranches.It has always adhered to “internationalization” and “innovation”, insisting on the fundamentals of “quality” and “responsibility”. It has won the trust of consumers with its high-quality, high-tech, and high value-added diversified products.

In early 2021, JiYuan YiLi Dairy Co.,Ltd. sent a message of joy. The"Jinghui" JH22AP-32D8 (Tianyue three-phase double speed down air outlet) environmental protection air conditioning model stood out from many competitors by its stable product quality and excellent service, and successfully won the bidding of the company's procurement project of "Production Workshop Ventilation and Cooling Project". The winning product is also one of the best selling models in the past years, whether it is the appearance of the product performance or cooling effect, is a very competitive product, in the price, service, quality and other aspects are better than the strict assessment criteria of the Yili Group.

▲Jinghui JH22AP-32D8 products are being shipped

▲Jinghui JH22AP-32D8 products are being shipped

Yili is an enterprise that attaches great importance to quality and integrity, and also has extremely strict audit standards for its partners. Every project bidding of Yili Group is a perfect implementation of the corporate system and process, and it is a major test of the qualification and strength of the winning company.

After winning the bid for the project of Yili Group, Jinghui once again proved the importance of quality and service with rigor and integrity. This is not only the affirmation of Jinghui's evaporative air conditioner products but also the comprehensive embodiment of the strength of the enterprise. Next, Jinghui willfully creates a comfortable, cool, healthy, and environmentally friendly working environment for Yili Group and more enterprises.