JHCOOL New Product:Evaporative air purifier

As a well-known high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of evaporative air coolers, when the global epidemic raged in 2020, JHCOOL company felt that it was not enough to solve the ambient air temperature and humidity only. The new direction of evaporative air cooler must focus on solving PM2.5, TVOC, bacteria and viruses in the air. Based on the technology upgrade of evaporative air cooler, JHCOOL R&D team spent two months,
successfully developed a new evaporative air purifier that can sterilize and purify the air.

JHCOOL evaporative air purifier uses triple filtration protection to purify the air. The air passes through the initial dust screen to filter dust in the air. The suspended particulates in the polluted air may carry microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, molds, dust mites, etc., they are brought into water tank by water through the second layer cooling pad, and then these microorganisms are killed by ultraviolet sterilization lamp. 8 hours AUTO-drain function ensures water quality is clean. When turn off the machine then auto-drain water to ensure that bacteria are nowhere to live.

The third layer is based on the principle of self-purifying air in nature. the positive and negative active oxygen ion clusters excited by electrical breakdown for air, releasing millions of negative ions and sent to every corner of room by evaporative air purifier. After the negative ions combined with bacterial viruses and harmful gases, they neutralize the positive charge of bacterial viruses, formaldehyde, etc., resulting in bacterial viruses losing activity, they can no longer attack the cells on our body, lose the ability to float and land on ground, to achieve air purification.

JHCOOL commercial series evaporative air purifiers are suitable for industrial plant, shopping mall and supermarket, gymnasium, waiting hall, restaurant, prison system, warehouse logistics, animal husbandry etc. JHCOOL household series evaporative air purifiers are suitable for office, home, school classroom, small shop, etc.

JHCOOL evaporative air purifier creates perfect and comfortable environment for you to stay indoors, such as in the forest.