Watch the football match outdoors, don't let the heat wear out your enthusiasm

It’s the European Cup once again every 4 years.

It is the time to activate stay-up mode.

Even if I don’t know how many people are needed in the football match,

I can feel the enthusiasm of the football fans from the major social medias.

Especially this year, the national football team defeated Syria again after 25 years.

Back to the top 12 match in Asian area,

it just verified that : football is round,while everything is possible

The participating countries will compete in Russia next month,

Just stay at home to watch the matches during working days.

However, it is exciting to enjoy the European match at night with friends outside on the weekend, sharing the beer , snacks or crays at the same time.

Some bars and restaurants start outdoor dining to attract more football fans.

In this circumstance,correct cooling measures should be taken.

Jinghui portable Evaporative Air Cooler-- smash high temperature and live your passion.

▲Jinghui mobile evaporative air conditioner site case diagram

Jinghui is based on the water evaporation environmental air conditioning industry. After 15 years of updating and creation, many new models come into being. Jinghui has set an excellent example in the field of "environmental air conditioning".We start with temperature, humidity, demeanor to create a new cooling technology and a new era of summer cooling, and fully meet a variety of indoor and outdoor needs.After the air being filtered and cooled, then is transported indoors, with the original internal air discharged outside.In this way, the temperature is down and make the user comfortable by changing the humidity and oxygen content in a dry climate.Our evaporative cooler made the temperature drop and provide more refreshing air in door.

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Good quality control board, good cooling effeciency. we use high precision bearing, good heat dissipation, waterproof, stable working and long life.

Twice diltration by high density pre-dust filter and cooling pad, with clean and healthy air.

We use environmental friendly cooling pad, with good water-absorbing quality and good ventilation.

▲Jinghui mobile evaporative air conditioner site case diagram

Dopamine secretion is most vigorous after sports spree,

It is undoubtedly the best prelude to start a happy gathering,

At this moment, the cool wind blessed the audience even more.

Don't let your enthusiasm defeated by the high temperature.

Choose Jinghui portable evaporative air cooler.

Make watching football more comfortable.