One key to open the thought of the bath philosophy

Many of you have probably had this experience,

When a problem at work or in your life is slow to find a good solution,

But just as I took a shower carelessly,

Suddenly there was a flash of thought,

There's a good idea!

This is so-called philosophy in the bath.

When people are in the shower or in other states that don't require much thought,

People are relatively insensitive to their external environment,

The thoughts that come to mind become active.

Small bathroom, carrying countless people's meditation and insight.

When Archimedes came up with the principle of buoyancy while taking a bath,

When i am in the shower will only think

When I think about it, I feel the bath heater on top of my head is hot and cold when it comes out of the wind. After taking a bath, I can't feel the temperature suitable for my body feeling at all. How can I meditate well in such an environment?

Does you have same experience ?

JH Glass far infrared instant heater can solves your problems.

JH-BF21A New bathroom heater

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Retain the sunshine and carve a bright sunny day again

Surveying the city's bright lights,

And the beauty of the night,

Not as good as a six foot bathroom

Open it, take you to find simple as before the warmth

In a twinkling, the warmth has reached

Using carbon fiber as a heating element,

Dissipating heat in the form of radiation,

Five seconds to heat up, wrap you in heat,

Before I got up, the bathroom was warm,

More energy efficient,

No more shiver in the bath.

JH-BF21A New bathroom heater Use case diagram

Wherever it shines, it is tenderness

JH glass heater adopt special glass panels that can withstand temperature up to 450 degrees,

The light is softer,

No glare, no eye injury

Care for children and the elderly at home to enjoy the sun quiet SPA.

JH-BF21A New bathroom heater Use case diagram

Thin design, fashion and versatile

White thin body, save top space,

Pure flat panel design, Blend in with the room

There is no deliberate excess of decoration,

Clear lines, modern stylish

Can be matched with a variety of integrated ceiling,

Simple and aesthetic bathroom

Increase bathroom space utilization rate.

JH-BF21A New bathroom heater Use case diagram

With Long deep cultivation, put quality first

The surface structure of the product is smooth and textured.

Even in the high humidity and temperature difference of the bathroom,

Not easy deformation, beautiful as new for a long time

The back shell is made of high-strength industrial aluminum.

Fire retardant, durable, safe and reliable.

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