Ambient customized air cooler system

Custom ambient customized air cooler systems provide cost-effective liquid cooling and can be customized in many ways.

A customized air cooler system, provides cost-effective cooling for applications that don’t require a recirculating chiller, tight temperature control, or cooling below ambient temperature. An customized air cooler consists of a heat exchanger, a fan, a pump, a reservoir, and a controller. Customized air cooler system can be customized in numerous ways to meet challenging thermal and mechanical requirements.

Below are examples of how jhcool can customize an ambient customized air cooler system to meet a customer’s specifications.

Compact and Cost-Effective Customized Air Cooler System

A customer needed a tightly packaged customized air cooler system to integrate inside their system. Jhcool’s engineers selected a high-efficiency OEM Coil heat exchanger, a long-life centrifugal pump, and a compact reservoir for the unit in order to meet the customer’s size specifications. The result was a very compact and cost-effective customized air cooler system.

Customized Air Cooler System for Medical Equipment

This customized air cooler system has a custom aluminum flat tube heat exchanger, a custom reservoir, an accumulator, and an air purge device. The system was designed for a c-arm application.

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