The waiting hall is so hot in summer, is there really no solution?

The journey is toward where the sun rises,

There's sunlight, hay and caravans,

Accompanied by the songs of drums and bells,

Farther away, the poet are on the train,

The setting sun slanted on the window,

The clattering of tracks and sirens.

In the year 2021, which has been suppressed bad

Our compatriots tell the motherland by themselves:

We want to go out too much.

▲The number of domestic tourists is expected to reach 4.1 billion in 2021

A Trip Without Plan

It's a decision we want to make once in our life

Booking tickets, packing, getting on the bus, blow the air conditioner,

When I arrived at the waiting hall, I was crying from the heat.

Now it is 2021 year

There is still a waiting hall like a sauna??

It's hot and sticky, crowded, and the temperature is soaring,

What's worse than being outdoors is that the air is not convective,

Suffocated every minute.

Before the Poetry and distance , I'm afraid I'm dying of heat in my hometown

The waiting hall is so hot in summer, is there really no solution?

The waiting hall is spacious and the floor height . Central air conditioning equipment is not suitable for such space due to product limitations and high cost. There is a large and dense flow of people in the waiting hall. It will be a headache in flu season or epidemic period. therefore, ventilation and cooling and air purification are quite necessary.

The JHCOOL evaporative air cooler is the most ideal choice for indoor cooling,This is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection product, no matter in any place, such as crowded waiting room, factory or restaurant, outdoor tea bar is applicable,The biggest advantage of evaporative air cooler is energy saving.Removed people’s troubles of use traditional air conditioner, as peopleNeed to close the doors and Windows to cool down, no air circulation, but Evaporative air cooler ,It is characterized by opening doors and windows to cool down,Expel the dirty, high-temperature air from the room, So as to achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling, It's a cool option you can't miss this summer

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Cooling and ventilation, energy saving and environmental protection

Dispel the heat and cool the summer

In this new era of energy conservation and environmental protection,

Let's support environmental protection with actions.

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