The Battle for Success PK competition: Enterprise 5S Management

Fujian Jinghui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on 5S management for a long time, and we have achieved remarkable results.The 5S management method is a modern enterprise management model. 5S is Sort (SEIRI), Set in order (SEITON), Shine (SEISO), Standardize(SEIKETSU), and Sustain/Self-discipline (SHITSUKE), also known as the "Five Constant Principles." The purpose of the first 4S promotion is to serve the last S(SHITSUKE).

Through the implementation of 5S on-site management to standardize on-site and existing objects, create a clean working environment and cultivate good working habits for employees, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of people.Organizing and managing is the basis for improving efficiency. The methods of organizing, managing, and cleaning are accountable, institutionalized, and standardized, and the results are implemented and maintained.Everyone operates in accordance with the rules, acts in accordance with the rules, and persists for a long time to develop good habits.

This time, taking advantage of JHCOOL PK competition, to promote the company's 5S management appraisal, the purpose is to make the system into a habit, make the habit into a quality, and improve the level of civility and quality of all employees.The evaluation criteria are 5 points for excellent, 4 points for good, 3 points for general, 2 points for poor, and 1 point for poor.Check every day and evaluate scores every Friday. The team with the best 5S management will get 10 points, and the worst team will get 10 points. The competition lasts for 6 weeks, and finally 5 best 5S management individual awards will be selected.

It is easy to develop 5S, but long-term maintenance must rely on the improvement of Self-discipline. According to JHCOOL’s further development needs, combined with the characteristics of our products, that is, evaporative air cooler and infrared radiant heater are environmental friendly and energy-saving products.On the basis of the original 5S, we added “Save” and “Safety” to be "7S" management system.In the future, we will derive habituation (Shiukanka), service (Service) and persistence (Shikoku) from the "5S" to form a "10S" management system, to prepare for company's further development needs.