JH-TECH Attends International Data Center & Cloud Computing Industry Expo 2020

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With the advent of the big data era, data center and cloud computing have become increasingly important in the global market. As the basic support of the information society, the data center and cloud computing industry has risen to the national strategic policy. Increasingly valued by governments, institutions, enterprises and users, it has become the key to the development of national informatization. From December 3rd to 5th, 2020, the 4th International Data Center & Cloud Computing Industry Expo is held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. JH-TECH attends the Expo by invitation, and the company industrial serial evaporative air coolers win unanimous praise from the industry.

In the exhibition center, two brand-new BLDC model industrial evaporative air coolers JH18AP and JH30AP are on show at the booth of JH-TECH, constantly attracting the attention of visitors. Some of them are curious about the working principle of evaporative cooling, some are to discuss cooperation details, and even more them want to know how does evaporative cooling work for the data centers.

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JH Evaporative Air Conditioner

From the industry’s first development and application of variable frequency technology to evaporative air coolers, and then the high-efficiency and energy-saving innovation of DC brushless motors, JH-TECH never stop exploring the application of new technologies. For many years, JH-TECH has always been adhering to the concept of technology serving the market and focusing on new technology development. Now it processes 39 patents for products with fully independent intellectual properties. The BLDC serial industrial evaporative air coolers that on show in the exhibition are equipped with brushless DC motors. The self-developed variable frequency speed control system is further energy-saving because of the PFC (power factor compensation) function, and the EER (energy efficiency ratio) of the whole machine is as high as 25.25KW/KW.

For most of the data centers, air conditioning energy saving and power consumption reduction is the key point of energy saving and emission reduction. Therefore, the most effective way is to reduce the duration of air conditioning in the data center. JH-TECH BLDC serial industrial evaporative air cooler are designed for this function. Working on the water evaporation principle, the high-humidity and low-temperature air cooled by the cooling pad is sent into the data centers with positive pressure by the fan, and the heat generated by the indoor equipment is also discharged outdoors at the same time.

Shanghai is one of the top 8 smart cities in China. In the field of smart economy, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and other related industries are becoming the focus of development in Shanghai. All of these providing a platform for the steady development of the data centers and cloud computing industry. In the 21st century, people all over the world live on Internet terminals. The era of big data has arrived. It is very urgent to solve the problem of high energy consumption in the data centers. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for evaporative cooling technology. Evaporative cooling technology will play an important role in the field of data centers, using its energy-saving and eco-friendly advantages to promote the development of information industry. The JH-TECH team will continue to develop powerful new technologies and make a big contribution to the energy-saving data center industry.