Goodbye 2020, please take care of 2021

When standing at the end of the year and looking back at the past three hundred days,
The world has experienced great ups and downs,
Jinghui is no exception.
We don’t know what this year will bring us,
But we can be sure,
The waves aroused this year will continue to shake our lives.

Jinghui has been a company for 15 years
A company with industry experience and technology precipitation of evaporative air conditioners,
It has been recognized by the global industry and is extremely influential.
In recent years,
Far infrared heaters have gradually become another main product of the company.
The upgrading of our technology is leading to the upgrading of consumption.

In the future, Jinghui will continue to
Redouble our efforts for our core technology and brand,
Adhering to the service concept of "quality-oriented, customer first".
Like all people who have good wishes for life,
We work hard, persist and don't give up easily.

2021, the year of Xin Chou
May the mountains and rivers be safe and sound, and the country and the people safe.
The bridges are strong and the roads are flat.
In 2021, Jinghui is with you!
New Year 2020