Jinghui far-infrared instant heating bath heater is newly launched, exploring a new life in bathing and heating


I hate exams and homework when I go to school, but after I graduate, I feel the pure joy of school;

When I was at home, I disliked the nagging of my parents. After I left home, I finally found the burden of life;

An ordinary afternoon chatting with friends has become the most memorable time after years.

The time of one minute and one second seems to be inconspicuous, and after the accumulation of time, it is the past we want to go back.

The importance of cherishing time is vividly described in Lin Qingxuan's "A Race Against Time":

"Although there will be a new sun tomorrow, there will never be today's sun.

Everything in all time will never come back.

Although I know people will never run out of time, they can run a few steps faster than before.

Although those steps are small and small, they are very effective."


There are some good things in life, only time knows.

Every home has its own temperature,

In the bathroom,

We personally interpret the pursuit of "hot",

Yearning for more direct warmth,

Pursue a more comfortable experience,

When time forms a pull with it,

Jinghui balances the need for warmth and bathing.

Heater use case

It’s hot in 5 seconds, not cold in winter Fear

The carbon brazing element is used as the heating element to dissipate the heat in the form of radiation. The temperature rises in 5 seconds, and the heat wraps you. The bathroom is already warm before you get up. It is more energy-saving and energy-saving. Since then, the bath will no longer shiver.

Soft light, baby enjoys worry-free

Using a special glass panel with a temperature resistance of up to 450 degrees, the light is softer, not dazzling or hurting the eyes, care for children and the elderly to enjoy the sun at home, quiet SPA.

Appearance of JH heater

Appearance of JH heater  

Slim design, space beauty

The white slim body saves top space, and the pure flat panel design subtracts life, without deliberately redundant decoration, clear lines, simple and fashionable, can be matched with a variety of integrated ceilings, simple bathroom aesthetics, and improve bathroom space utilization.

Ten years of deep cultivation, quality first

The surface structure of the product is smooth and has a texture. Even in the bathroom with high humidity and high temperature difference, it is not easy to deform and looks as good as new. The back shell of the product is carefully made of high-strength industrial aluminum, fire-retardant, durable, safe and reliable.

Indoor use case of JH heater

Warmth is technology,

It is the wisdom that changes for you.

Produced by Jinghui, ten years of deep cultivation, ingenious work,

Jinghui far-infrared instant heating bath heater,

Let the family feel the temperature of life,

With all-out attitude, go to the appointment of time.

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