JHCOOL BLDCM Air Cooler Which Providing Customers With More Energy-saving Solutions

In recent years,every country attaches great importance to control the energy saving of air cooler products, there is a standard of “Energy Conservation Certification Rules for Ventilation facility CQC31-439311-2009”in China; and there are policy of ERP 2015,ERP2020 in Eu.These standard are reminding us to constantly improve the energy saving of products.

JHCOOL R & D team  has been committed to the development of a new generation of air cooler, After years of continuous argumentation, testing, and improvement,We finally succeeded to design BLDCM. The main advantage of this model is to perfectly match the design of the motor and the drive, improving the efficiency index of motor and driver, so that the machine can automatically perform the optimal matching according to the installed pipeline load during operation, to achieve the highest efficiency and the lowest energy consumption during the operation and use of the user.  so as to save electricity and money for the user, and providing the best cooling effect.

JHCOOL has successfully developed 18 axial flow DC inverter air cooler(JH18AP-18)and 18 centrifugal DC inverter air cooler(JH18LP-18).We believe in the launch of these new energy-saving products, the people will get lower cost products,and JHCOOL can contribute a meager force to the cause of human energy conservation and environmental protection.

For energy saving and environmental protection, Choose  JHCOOL!